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Association of Korean Oriental Medicine [AKOM]
Address : 965-1 Jegi-Dong, Dongdaemoon-Ku
City : Seoul
Country : South Korea
Phone : 02-2657-5000
Fax : 02-2657-5005
Website :
Contact Person : The Secretary
Association Information
Association Activity : -
Pharmaceuticals Associations in South Korea
Korea Association Of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers [kapw], Seoul, South Korea
Korea Pharmaceutical Association [kpa], Seoul, South Korea
Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association [kpma], Seoul, South Korea
Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association [kpta], Seoul, South Korea
Korean Oriental Drug Association [koda], Seoul, South Korea
Pharmaceuticals Associations in World
Academy Of Pharmaceutical Science And Technology, Tokyo, Japan
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Committee (APIC), Brussels, Belgium
Alcohol Drug Association New Zealand (ADA), Christchurch, New Zealand
American Association For Clinical Chemistry (AACC), Washington, U.S.A.
American Association Of Pharmaceutical Sales Professionals (AAPSP), Round Rock, U.S.A.
American Association Of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), Arlington, U.S.A.
American Association Of Physicists In Medicine (AAPM), College Park, U.S.A.
American Biological Safety Association (ABSA), Mundelein, U.S.A.
American Pharmaceutical Association (APA), Washington, U.S.A.
American Telemedicine Association (ATA), Washington, U.S.A.
Association For Pharmaceutical Science And Technology (APST), Bethesda, U.S.A.
Association Of Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (ABPM), Republic, Bulgaria
Association Of Pharma Producers Of Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Association Of The British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), London, U.K.
Australia Biotechnology Limited (AUSBIOTECH), Malvern, Australia
Australian Acupuncture And Chinese Medicine Association Ltd (AACMA), Coorparoo, Australia
Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd (ATMS), Meadowbank, Australia
Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturers Assosiation (ADMA), Mumbai, India
Basic Chem. Pharma. & Cosm. Exp. Pro. Cl, Mumbai, India
Belgian Bioindustries Association (BBA), Brussels, Belgium
Belgian Pharmaceutical Industry Association (PHARMA.BE), Brussels, Belgium
Bio Alberta (BA), Edmonton, Canada
Bio Cluster In Europe France Rhone-alpes (BCEFRA), -, France
Bioenterprise, Cleveland, U.S.A.
Biofocus Foundation (BFF), Solna, Sweden
Biomedical Biotechnology Center (BBC), Little Rock, U.S.A.
Biosouth Incorporation, U.S.A.
Biotechnology Association Of Alabama (BAA), Birmingham, U.S.A.
Biotechnology Australia (BA), Canberra, Australia
Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), Washington, U.S.A.
Biotechnology Ireland (BTI), Glasnevin, Ireland
Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association (CGPA), Toronto, Canada
Chain Drug Marketing Association (CDMA), Novi, U.S.A.
Colorado Bioscience Association (CBA), Denver, U.S.A.
Controlled Release Society (CRS), St. Paul, U.S.A.
Danish Industrial Association Of Veterinary Medicine (VIF), Copenhagen, Denmark
Drug Abuse Prevention Association-nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Drug Information Association (DIA), Horsham, U.S.A.
European Association For Bioindustries (EABI), Brussels, Belgium
European Association Of Pharma Biotechnology (EAPB), Berlin, Germany
European Federation Of Biotechnology (EFB), Barcelona, Spain
European Federation Of Pharmaceutical Industries And Associations (EFPIA), Brussels, Belgium
Federation Of Pharm Mfrs. Assn. Of Japan, Tokyo, Japan
Finnish Bioindustries (FIB), Helsinki, Finland
Foundation For Biotechnology Awareness & Education (FBAE), Bangalore, India
France Biotech, Paris, France
Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA), Arlington, U.S.A.
Hong Kong Biotechnology Association Ltd. (HKBTA), Hongkong
Hungarian Biotechology Association (HBA), Szeged, Hungary
Hungarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, Budapest, Hungary
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