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Chungbuk Insam Cooperative Association
Address : 131-2 Noam-ri, Dosan-myeon
City : Jeungpyeong-gun
State : Chungcheongbuk-do
Zip : 368-811
Country : South Korea
Phone : 82 - 43 - 8388415
Fax : 82 - 43 - 8388417
Website :
Contact Person : The Secretary
Association Information
Association Activity : The progress of modern civilization and industrial economy is threatening human health with environmental pollution. From time to time we never realize how important our health is until we lose our health on account of daily life and business. It may never be too much emphasized that you have to preserve your health while you're healthy.

Korean Insam is acknowledged to prevent cancer and aging and to protect liver and intestines and to recover from fatigue and to strengthen brain action in oriental and western medicine circle.

As a matter of fact, the demand of Insam has been more and more increasing in accordance to the increase of interest in healthy food and natural medicine.

C.I.C.A. produces red Insam and red Insam goods and general insam goods, which is made of pollution-free Insam and tries hard for world people o easily get genuine Korean Insam. So we put out this book in order that people in the world can easily understand what is Chungbuk red Insam goods and what is the strong points and specific properties and dosage of them.

We cordially hope that this material helps consumers find right information about Korean Insam and improve human health.
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